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Turning point 3(500 to 500)


“There’s nothing like the discovery, the chase and the capture”

Raymond D. Nasher

 1. This quote from Raymond D. Nasher (Famous American art collector and the founder of one of the biggest private museums in the United States) perfectly describes the essence the life of an art collector. Being a collector is such a great and profound pleasure that dominates the life of one individual, and after a while changes his or her way of living to a whole new different lifestyle. (Art collectors’ lifestyle)

People change their lifestyle according to their beliefs, attractions, needs and even the outside pressures. Some people become vegetarians while others decide to become early birds, some people get into sports and healthy diets and struggle with quitting bad habits. some others try meditating. But most of these changes won’t last long, and in that case, art collectors’ lifestyle may stand out. It’s joyful, a little bit annoying and of course unlike other ways of living, there’s no coming back!

This kind of lifestyle sets off with the very first purchase. Then comes the second, and the third, and all of a sudden there will be no free space on the wall. there’s no end to this addictive pleasure. It goes on and on to the point that you’ll find yourself deep into the depths of the art world, keeping up with its news, galleries, sales and venues. You keep coming back, exploring the art world and in the end, purchasing and acquiring a new artwork.

2. In its third of a series of rendezvous, we invite you to Liam gallery to visit, discover, follow and purchase an artwork, and most importantly think as an art collector. we invite you to a different lifestyle. Maybe purchasing a work of art would be your “Turning Point” to set foot in the amazing art world and an art collector’s life.