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Parvaneh Etemadi

Born in 1948, with nearly five decades of lively presence on the scene of visual arts, Parvaneh Etemadi is one of the most successful and popular Iranian artists both in the eyes of art virtuosos and laymen. Her relaxed recusant work style, whether in the early periods of her artistic activity – that is in her still lives, termeh-s (roughly meaning cashmeres) and pomegranates – or in her later periods – that is in her collages and installations –put her amongst the prominent figures in Iranian art. It is in the light of her working style and methodology, her attentive interest in creation of beauty – while heeding both exotic and mundane zeal and taste – her passion for figurative art, her sundry coloring and creation of beauty by virtue of heeding intelligent and pleasing proportions and rhythms that turns every exhibition she holds into an event in the field of contemporary Iranian visual art.